House as a System


The House as a System approach is the cornerstone for Building Science in the home. The industry was lucky enough to have great innovators who were also students of their peers. This collaborated open source system has been refined and improved over the years so we all could live in better environments within our own homes.

The house as a system approach looks at the whole house its components and how they interact with one another. In order to improve design of a new home or improve the performance of an existing home we need to understand how it works. So in the house a system approach we constantly question what system can be affected by changing any single component. We examine the possibilites and formulate a plan so the the systems work with each other in harmony.

Our goal in the house a system approach is to improve health and safety, comfort, durability, efficiency and environmental responsibility of a home.

Those are pretty lofty goals however they are attainable through proper method. The concept has survived the test of time because it based on sound scientific principles and tested methods by industry experts.

So how can we bring this approach to the existing home? We test coming in the door. We come up with a plan of improvement based on our findings and explain what our goals are and what each improvement will address. We employ proven methods. We test as we improve the home. We test out when we are done with the job.

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