Why do I need a HERS Test?

If your installer pulled a permit A HERS test is required. It is also required on new homes. The California Energy Commision set Title 24 energy requirements on homes. The HERS test is like a smog test on your car. It is pass or fail. Systems that fail must be brought up to standards By meeting these standards systems run more efficiently and have a test to prove it. HERS Raters are third party verifiers for energy measures in California. There are  HERS Verifications required for properties as well. we are here to help you streamline that process and can assit you to project completion

Duct Tester

Duct Test

By far the most common HERS Verification is the duct test. The duct test is performed to ensure that the conditioned air from your system is going where it was intended to your home. Leaky ducts not only can lose energy and therefore money.  It also can compromise indoor air quality. Once installers understand best practices passing a duct test is easily achieved


Title 24

Title 24 is the portion of the energy code of the State of California since 1977 title 24 Measures have been implemented. California was the first State to have an energy code. More than red tape California has saved gigawatts and billions of dollars Statewide. California's per capita energy us has remained flat for over 40 years. The rest of the Country use has steadily risen per capita over the years

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