Computer Modeling

We provide a report that models the energy usage of your home. We are proud to use EnergyPro  for our computer modeling. EnergyPro by EnergySoft is a California Energy Commission approved software program for title 24 and HERS reports.

Computer modeling is a way to compare homes of different sizes with different construction features in different climates and attempt to smooth the data. It is goal is to compare apples to apple in spite of the fact that it often is starting with apples to aardvarks.

It takes HDD (heating degree days) and NOAA weather information for each zip code and places it into a database. As the user of the program builds the model in the system it brings a whole host of information about the structure. Orientation of North East South and West, how many floors, square footage,  building type such as either stick construction or brick construction, Mechanical features, fenestration or windows, shading and even utility bill data and much more.

It then performs millions of calculations and attempts to compare a 1000 square foot house in the Mojave Desert made with stucco to a 7500 square foot mansion on the beach in La Jolla and provide a fair number to compare each home to each other. It does a pretty darn good job of this.

Is it completely accurate? No but it is consistent and close to being fair

Does it do a good job of predicting energy usage? Not really as occupant behavior has a huge influence on use.

Could it be improved? Of course and it is being improved all the time.

If you understand that the program is not built to be pinpoint accuracy but simply trying to get us in the ball park you begin to appreciate how much the program actually does get right. While it is not millimeter perfect it takes kilometers and brings within meter tolerances and that is quite impressive.
We use the program as a yardstick for comparing current feature to proposed features across a wide range of homes in different locations and for that it performs quite well.

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